Site Assistant

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Surveyor Engineer

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Site Engineer

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- Conduct on-site inspections of construction projects to ensure compliance with
established state occupational safety standards
- Oversees and assures quantity and quality of the work flow.
- Reviews accident, injury, and illness reports to detect problem areas related to employee safety.
- Formulates the inspection report and organists and agrees remedial actions with the contractors involved
- Assists in organizing and participates in management inspection.
- Makes self aware of, and monitors high risk construction activity, taking care to ensure contractors awareness is raised to the appropriate level to ensure compliance.
- Ensures contractor compliance to the health, safety & environment policy, and applying security management systems as applicable to the construction activities being undertaken
- Assists in accident investigation and reporting
- Produces a weekly report to the line manager and the BOD

- Ability to interpret and apply standards, laws, rules, and regulations.
- Ability to observe critically, obtain accurate data, and prepare reports.
- Ability to meet and deal effectively with others.
- Ability to work with minimum supervision and ability to establish and maintain good working relationships.
- Local candidate is preferred.