Complete solution to foundation construction:

Founded in 1990, Tung Feng specializes in big-bore piling work and Diaphragm wall construction. We have contracted many large scale and
challenging projects in Taiwan, for example, Taipei 101, Chinese petroleum headquarter, Jing Hwa shopping Mall, Taiwan semiconductor
manufacturing company factory 14B, Taiwan high speed railway, Uni-president headquarter in Taipei and many more unique high class
residential projects. We have accumulated many years of experience and have the most advanced and complete equipments in Taiwan,
capable of conquering any challenges.



1978 Founded in Taiwan
1998 Taipei 101 Financial Tower Construction
2002 First General Contractor Job in Vietnam (Pacific Place Hanoi)

2006 No. 1 Foundation Company in Taiwan

2007 Ho Chi Minh City Office Branch was established
2008 Most active foundation company in Taiwan, Vietnam

2011 Get  ISO 9001-2008 certified by UKAS Management Systems

2012 Tung Feng established in Malaysia

As a leading foundation specialist, we continue our quest for perfection in all fields relating to our work. To become a world class engineering
and construction company, we push on our innovations to create a even more economical, time- saving, high-quality and environment friendly
construction methods.



Diaphragm Wall & Barrette Pile

Endplate Diaphragm Wall Joint

Modified Heavy Duty Hydraulic Grab

Bored Pile

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

Full-casing Rotator and Oscillator

Guided Hammer Grab for Bored Pile

Patented Kingpost Installation Method

Geo-technical Consultant and Design Services